Next Great Baker’s James Brown, Post Brain Surgery Update


“It’s go time,” James Brown posted pre-op.

One of the most beloved contestants on Next Great Baker might have only competed for a few episodes, but Lexington’s James Brown (Brown’s Bakery) sure made an impression. In episode 2, he made the tearful announcement that he wasn’t physically and emotionally up to this season’s challenge. On the same day that he found out he was going to be a contestant, a doctor was giving him MRI results: that he had a benign brain tumor, and would need surgery.

On January 10, 2013 Brown went in for surgery at the University of Kentucky. The night before surgery he wrote, “I really want all of you to know I have never felt so loved and cared about by so many people. I have so much appreciated your stories, thoughts, prayers, and donations. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. But whenever I feel that way I read your messages of encouragement. I wish there was something more I could say, but Thank You guys, Thank you.”

The next day, he kept his sense of humor, posting a pre-op photo of himself announcing, “it’s go time.”

The day before the surgery, fellow Next Great Baker competitor Letty Alvarez reported that her crowdfunding campaign for James had made its goal of $4,000 raised. (As of today, the total raised is $4,439.00.)

James Brown recovering: giving his Smile Muscles an assist, post-op.

He is convalescing at home now, and reports, “I’m finally able to sit at a computer myself. This is my new look, for now. I’m doing really well, it’s kinda strange when I think about it that just last week at this time I was in surgery. I am so grateful for All the Thoughts and Prayers. I had a great team at UK Hospital. I was released on Sunday and each day is getting better and better. There are some things I am having to adjust to. Hopefully that will be temporary as many of you have shared with me who have had the same type of tumor. Although they were not able to remove all of it, the doctors did remove 85 percent of the tumor. I have been up walking and have not really experienced dizziness, or had very [many] balance issues.  Yes, I am taking it easy. My nurse (wife) has put her foot down on a lot of my requests, such as me driving?”



  • Bellacontreraz

    I hope you are better enough for the next season because you are a awesome baker on “Next Great Baker”

  • Shawny

    OMG I just watched the episode of the next great Baker and James you had me in tears you are such a strong young man I hope the best for you and your family I don’t even know you and I look up to you and think about you as well hope to see you soon on tv because you are the next great bakert god bless you

  • MoHub

    What a terrific guy. A real trouper and a total gentleman. I hope he will be able to compete again when he has fully recovered.

  • disqus_VleY1F6BT0

    James, you are so brave to take on the challenge of a brain tumer. I love you so much, then again, everyone does! :):):):):):):):)

  • The realist

    Mr.Brown it took a real man to do what you did ! And im very happy to hear you are doing well :) !!!!!! Oh and i can say this I don’t tear up to much but man that hit my heart like a 9 pound hammer when you announced your condition on the show !!!!!! And i agree with ( shawny ) YOU ARE THE NEXT GREAT BAKER !!!!!!! GOD BLESS

  • federika

    hi James…I just saw the episode here in Italy … and I cried … I hope the best for you and your family …

    • Eva

      God bless you bro! Hope much better and back on your feet now. My love to you and family!

  • Steve H

    It’s my wife who’s the next great baker fan, but I watched a number of episodes including the one where you stood down.

    I think you were/are a very brave man who went for what you wanted (respect) but also knew when to stand down (respect again).

    I have since become an addict of NGB, and hope to see you on a future series, wish you all the very best.


  • Mandy Hartsuijker

    Just watched the show (from the Netherlands) my mom and I respect you so much and we cried. We wish you all the luck, happiness and joy. Big respect!

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