Kroger on Euclid to present expansion plans to neighborhood

Kroger on Euclid to present expansion plans to neighborhood


When Lexington’s Disco Kroger began buying up the adjacent property at Marquis Avenue in late 2009, rumors surfaced that the Euclid Avenue Kroger might be transformed into one of the chain’s flagship Fresh Fare Krogers. (In the spirit of full disclosure, Ace started that rumor.)

Since then, Trader Joe’s has opened on Nicholasville Road and Shorty’s has opened downtown, both serving adjacent and concentric demographics. Fresh Market is just a hop and a skip down Tates Creek Road at Lansdowne. The Disco Kroger is going to have to step up its game.

Photo by Alison Kerr Courtney

A FreshFare opened in Dallas, TX shortly before Christmas.

The Kroger will present plans for a considered expansion to the neighborhood and to the public on February 5 at Woodland Christian Church at 7 pm as part of the Aylesford Neighborhood Association Meeting. The public is invited to attend.

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