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Extras Needed: Concert Scene for Pleased to Meet Me to shoot in Louisville


Actor/Musician John Doe stars in “Pleased to Meet Me,” filming in Louisville.

Pleased to Meet Me, Archie Borders’ upcoming film now shooting in Louisville, recently got the $44k Kickstarter funding, and is off and running. It stars X’s John Doe, Loudon Wainwright, and Aimee Mann. In it, an aging punk rocker (John Doe) gets a chance at possible fame redux  with a group of “Six Complete Unknowns” and his former producer who also happens to his former love — played by Aimee Mann. (The story is an adaptation of the “Classifieds” episode done for “This American Life” in which Starlee Kine placed ads in the Chicago Reader for  six musicians to come together to record one song in one day.)

Here’s where Louisville and Lexington readers come in. Next up, they’ll be filming the big concert scene on Monday September 10.

Anyone wanting to be an extra in the crowd and hear some Grammy-winning musicians play live need to be at Louisville’s Historic Brown Theater by 5:30 on that day. They need a heads up if you’re coming (try the Movie’s site or their facebook page.)

Michael Fitzer says they’ll “be selling T-shirts & beer in the lobby! We need 800 of you!”

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