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Wanna Buy a Castle, in Kentucky? Lexington’s Versailles Palace makes the Post.


Lexington’s famous castle on today’s Daily Mail (UK).

Today’s Daily Mail asks “Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a medieval-style castle? Well you can, if you have enough loose change to stump up the $30 million price tag.”

Lexington’s famous castle, known as Castle Post (technically in Woodford County/Versailles, pronounced Ver-Sales, for those not from around here) most recently went on the market again in 2010 during Lexington’s World Equestrian Games, as was heavily reported everywhere from the Lexington Herald-Leader to real estate blogs to USA Today. It has been the site for several Lexington charitable fundraisers and events, as well as a hotel in past incarnations.

Anybody checked the sofa cushions for quarters?




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