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The Art of Sybil and Her Other Selves: Shirley A. Mason, Headley-Whitney Museum


The Headley-Whitney presents The Hidden Art of Sybil and her Other Selves: Shirley A. Mason, opening January 21, 2011.  The exhibition features paintings by Shirley Ardell Mason, who gained notoriety following the publication of Flora Schreiber’s book, outing her as her multiple personality disorder patient known as Sybil from the book and the movie (Sally Field).

Mason fled fame and settled quietly in Lexington as an artist until her death in 1998. These paintings were discovered in a locked closet in the home where Mason had been living until the time of her death. The paintings are alleged to be ones she found on her easel done by her other selves.


Sybil: Famous Multiple Personality Case was Stranger in Our Midst  Ace 2001

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