Input Lexington: Launching the Mayor Elect’s Fresh Start

Input Lexington: Launching the Mayor Elect’s Fresh Start


Lexington Mayor-Elect Jim Gray’s transition team today invited citizen input for “fresh ideas to improve our city and make our government more efficient.”

The announcement reads, “Transition Team Chair, UK Law Professor, Chris Frost will lead the effort to engage the community through a process that is inclusive, transparent and collaborative; one intended to identify ways we can make our government more efficient; and that will help us identify and seize opportunities.”

Click here for the link to submit a form with your suggestions and ideas. 

(Suggestion: make the click widely available via twitter, facebook, and blogs.) 

Former mayor Teresa Isaac, who is part of the transition team, posted a sampling of collected suggestions today via twitter, including, “pay more attention to Lexington outside New Circle,” “support the arts,” and “provide shelter to the homeless.”