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CM Myers does not concede CentrePointe won’t be built


Life could still be a dream in LFUCG Chambers today, where Council Member George Myers told Council Member Doug Martin during the Intergovernmental Committee meeting, “We haven’t yet conceded Centrepointe’s not gonna happen.”

CM Martin’s dry response was “hope springs eternal.”

At the end of the GTV3 proceedings, this is the song that was playing on-air (by the CrewCuts).

“Oh, life could be a dream (sh-boom)
If only all my precious plans would come true (sh-boom).”

Council Member Martin had said, in response to earlier discussion of CentrePointe’s process failures,

“The failure about CentrePointe—yeah it was a deal that didn’t get done but there are a lotta deals that don’t get done in town—the failure of CentrePointe is that this Council and this City has rules in place that allow a city block to be torn down before you have anything to be put up. With all the criticisms and all the fingerpointing that’s going on CentrePointe, this Council has not changed that rule. That rule is still fundamentally the same rule that it was. I’ve had discussions with the Planning Department. They assure me in very vigorous terms that is not a rule that we want…”

(CM Martin clarified after worksession that he didn’t think that the Planning Department would support a rule that required a building permit be issued before an old building could be torn down—such a rule might lead to “abandoned, boarded-up buildings.”)

“The tragedy of Centrepointe is that a whole city block got torn down. You can criticize the decision to tear it down, but we as a city can either pass a rule allowing that, or disallowing that.”

CM Myers, “we haven’t yet conceded that CentrePointe’s not gonna happen I don’t think.” (Myers response to Dudley Webb at the May 5 LFUCG Meeting (also known as “The Scott’s Turf Builder episode) was, “I apologize to you Mr. Webb. I apologize to you.”)

Councilman Martin:
“hope springs eternal.”
Put another way, “Life could be a dream (sh-boom)

Sh-boom sh-boom Ya-da-da Da-da-da Da-da-da Da
Sh-boom sh-boom Ya-da-da Da-da-da Da-da-da Da
Sh-boom sh-boom Ya-da-da Da-da-da Da-da-da Da, sh-boom
ee-oody-ooh, sh-boom, sh-boom)
(dee-oody-ooh, sh-boom, sh-boom)
(dee-oody-ooh, sh-boom, sh-boom)

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