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Plaza Possibilities Overlooked: Civic Architecture ought to consider people, place


Letters to the Editor: Plaza Possibilities Overlooked

If the architects who were illegitimately chosen for the plaza design had made more of an attempt revitalize downtownthis kind of thing could’ve happened [see photo] however as it stands we are left with a city debt of over 1.5 million dollars to pay back through taxation and we (downtown dwellers and other interested people) never had any input for this investment in pavers.

My only regret stems from the exclusionary process by which our city “ramrodded” their plaza design through. However, since someone at the DLC and the specially formed city committee (of mostly city employees) approved of it they believed their job was done. My take on it is, we have to pay for something we never had a chance to have any impact on. This I believe is representative of an exclusionary process. Civic architecture ought to consider people, function and place seriously. Revitalization is about people and not things like pavers and water walls.

One final note to anyone who wishes to be heard by our city council. Remember, if you work very hard, you might get on their docket or you might not.

This depends on how well you understand the process, their process no doubt. Be sure and contact more than one council member and not just the one who represents your district.This way they can fit you nicely into their agenda.

Jere Sullivan

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